Ask Me About Custom Mirrors & Picture Frames

Contact Information:

Contact Name: Dale Munsill
Telephone Number: 401.864.4140
Email Address:


You can call me to place your order and we will ship anywhere in the continental U.S. We can also arrange for you to select from our workroom in Charlestown, Rhode Island by appointment. Please call us at 401.864.4140 for more information.

Upcoming Events:

Please visit us at the Ocean House from mid november until beginning of january. Come purchase your tree in the gift store in beautiful the lobby of the hotel. Know we sell our trees exclusively at the Ocean House as there is simply not anywhere else that has a more beautiful setting for them! We continue to be so fortunate and thankful to the Ocean House.

Know you are welcome to buy any size, up to 2 and ½ feet tall. and The smaller trees are securely pre wrapped to travel in gift bags for your your convenience!

We look forward to seeing you!

We make application in the spring and summer and our notified of our acceptance in the fall.  We will post our upcoming events once we hear on our Facebook site, that being Mussel Trees by Dale Munsill on Facebook when notified.

Thank you for your interest!